Physical property records and accumulation rates of various grain size classes generated from core and downhole logging measurements at ODP Site 151-909


Reported here are physical property records and sedimentological parameters generated from core and downhole logging measurements at ODP Site 909 (Fram Strait). The data are listed vs. depth and a newly derived age model. The composite P-wave velocity (Vp) profile of the uppermost 26 m consists of edited and spliced velocity measurements with the P-wave logger on sediment cores from Holes 909A and 909B. For the interval between 102 and 1000 mbsf in-situ velocity information from downhole logs (Sonic Digital Tool, processed postcruise data) at Hole 909C were used. Wet bulk density (WBD) data stem from nondestructive density measurements of whole-round core sections with a gamma-ray attenuation porosity evaluator (0 - 89 m), and from densities calculated from phasor induction resistivity downhole logging measurements (89 - 1016 m). Based on a new chronology, total mass accumulation rates (MAR) and accumulation rates for various grain size classes of the coarse fraction (>63 µm) were recalculated. Original weight percentage data are from O'Connell et al. (1996) and from Wolf-Welling et al. (1996). Percentage silt data estimated from smear slides were used to calculate accumulation rates of silt. Estimated silt percentages as well as all original physical property measurements are from Myhre et al. (1995).

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