Family Expenditure Survey Follow-up Survey of Disabled Adults, 1986-1987


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The aim of this survey was to analyse and compare the income and expenditure patterns of households containing a disabled adult with other households. To provide a comparative measure of the extra costs of disability to complement the subjective measures used in the OPCS Survey of Disabled Adults in Private Households (SN:2577, GN:33214).

Main Topics:

Disability; income; expenditure; benefit receipt; employment; costs of disability; standard of living; disability aids. Disabled adult respondents to the continuous Family Expenditure Survey (FES) between July 1986 and June 1987 were given an additional interview after participation in the FES. Detailed information on their disability was collected, to analyse in conjunction with information on income and expenditure from the main FES. Measurement Scales Used Disability Severity Scales: disability was defined and measured using the severity scale developed in the OPCS Surveys of Disability in Great Britain (GN:33214).

No sampling (total universe)

All adults (aged 16 and over) with a long standing limiting disability, identified in the Family Ex

Face-to-face interview

Clinical measurements

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