TERN Boyagin Wandoo Woodlands SuperSite - Australia

The Boyagin Wandoo Woodland SuperSite was established in September 2017 by the University of Western Australia. Located in the Boyagin Nature Reserve, approximately 12 km west of Pingelly, Western Australia the SuperSite monitoring activities complement the Avon River Catchment Critical Zone Observatory at the UWA Future Farm in Pingelly that focusses on managed landscapes (rotational dryland wheat cropping and grazing pastures for sheep). The climate is Semi-arid (Dry) Warm Mediterranean. The Boyagin SuperSite is collocated with the Land Ecosystem Atmosphere Program (LEAP) - Boyagin.

Boyagin SuperSite is located in the Avon Wheatbelt (AW2-Re-juvenated Drainage subregion) and has a high density of rare and geographically restricted flora and supports populations of several marsupials subject to fox predation (Numbat, Quenda, Woylie, Tammar, Red-tailed Phascogale, Brushtail Possum) that have disappeared from most of the Australian or Western Australian mainland. The Noongar people are the traditional owners at Boyagin.

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