Standard Metabolic Rate of Corbicula largillierti


Individuals of Corbicula largillierti were manually collected between 0 and 1 m depth from "Los Chorrillos" stream, at the upper part Suquía River Basin (Córdoba, Argentina 31.399849° S; 64.509624° W) during December 2017. Standard Metabolic Rate (SMR)of Corbicula largillierti was measured after four and eight weeks at 20 and 30ºC. SMR was measured based on the oxygen consumed per hour per gram of estimated dry mass (mg oxygen/g dm/h). Morphometric parameters (shell length (mm), shell height (mm) and dry mass without shell (g)) of each individual is included.

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Creator Torre, Luciana; Reyna, Paola Beatriz; Rodriguez, Florencia Anahi; Maggioni, Tamara; Gimenez, Diego Roman
Publisher PANGAEA - Data Publisher for Earth & Environmental Science
Publication Year 2020
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Spatial Coverage (-64.510 LON, -31.400 LAT); Argentina