Davos Seehornwald - Switzerland

The LWF research programme provides, on the one hand, long-term data series from the last 20 years, together with a scientific interpretation to national and international policy makers. On the other hand, the available data and latest LWF infrastructure provide an attractive scientific platform for collaboration with both national and international partners.

The site is located close to the city of Davos in the canton of Graubuenden, within a natural, coniferous forest stand which mainly consists of 200-390 year-old spruce (Picea abies) trees. Among others, the site is equipped with two meteorological measurement stations; one is located within the forest stand, the second is co-located in the nearby open-field, allowing to measure the forest stand effect on micro-climate.

The following parameters are being measured (starting-end year): Atmospheric deposition (throughfall and bulk deposition) (2009-today), Circular vegetation plots (2008-today), Crown Condition Assessment (2006-today), Diameter and Height measurements (2004-today), EC-5 soil water content measurement (2008-today), EC-5 soil water content measurement (2008-today), Foliar analyses (2007-today), Leaf area index (LAI) (2008-today), Litterfall (2009-today), Manual circumference band measurement (2006-today), Matric potential (manual suction cups) (2009-today), O3 Injuries (2009-today), Ozone visible injury assessment (2009-today), Permanent vegetation quadrats (2008-today), Phenological observations (2009-today), Sapflow measurements (1998-today), Soil matrix chemistry (2007-today), Soil solution chemistry (lysimeters) (2010-today), Tree core sampling (), automated point dendrometer measurements (1998-today), automatic circumference band measurement (2006-today), Deadwood sampling (2009-today).

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