NIPO weekpeilingen 1984

Data derived from weekly public opinion polls in the Netherlands in 1984 concerning social and political issues. Samples were drawn from the Dutch population aged 18 years and older.

All data from the surveys held between 1962 and 2000 are available in the DANS data collections.

Background variables: Sex / age / religion / income / vote recall latest elections / party preference / level of education / union membership / professional status / left-right rating / party alignment / province / degree of urbanization / weight factor.

Topical variables: n8401: Belonging to group that earns minimum wage. n8402: Left right rating of communism / Centrumpartij / Jealous of people in better circumstances / Stability in society / Capitalism / Income leveling / Questions concerning 2 members of parliament leaving CDA / Trust in politics / Building submarines for Taiwan. n8403: Positive discrimination of foreigners / Image of "Centrumpartij" / Concern about placement of nuclear cruise missiles / Successor of Dr. J.M. Den Uyl / Income expectations. n8404: Number of foreign children and Dutch children in school class of responder's children / Positive discrimination of foreigners / Understanding for people who gave their vote to the "Centrumpartij" / Voting intention on CPN / Right to vote of foreigners in local elections / Necessity to work / Preference for interested work and a rather low salary or a higher salary for less interested work / Value-added tax in day to day shopping. n8405: Difference in raising, educating children in former days and at present. / Important goals in raising children like politeness, order, independence, obedience, diligent or hardworking / Preference for working same number of hours per with a higher income or for working a less number of hours per with same income. n8406: Royal family / Necessity of retrenchments / Social welfare / Nuclear power stations. n8407: NATO decision concerning cruise missiles / Confidence in prominent political persons. n8408: Party leadership of Dr. J.M. den Uyl in 1986 / Celebrating carnival / Contentment with family doctor / Kind of medical insurance / Respondent s knowledge of and experience with first aid. n8409: Stationing of Soviet cruise missiles / Necessity of military balance towards the USSR / NATO membership / Decision of the Dutch government concerning the stationing of cruise missiles / Influence of peace movements. n8410: Olympic Games in The Netherlands / Contacts with inhabitants of Belgium, Germany, Great-Britain, France, United States, Italy, Japan, China and USSR. n8411: Qualities of prominent political persons / Late shopping hours / Visit of the Pope / Euthanasia. n8413: Military balance needed in West-Europe against East-European countries / Dutch membership of NATO / Placing nuclear cruise missiles on Dutch territory / Influence of cruise missiles debate on party preference / Whether East-European nuclear missiles are directed towards West-Europe. n8414: Left-right thinking / Origin of political choice / Superstitiousness / Physiotherapists' treatment. n8415: Satisfaction with income / Whether income is enough for necessary expenses like food and clothes / Belonging to group of people with minimum income / Reduction of e.g. unemployment benefits, which are above the minimum level / Cruise missiles / Role of churches concerning cruise missiles. n8417: Voting intention European Parliament / Political and social responsibility of churches / Responsibility of churches concerning abortion / Effect of opinion of churches on members of parliament / 3rd television network / Membership of NATO / Responsibility of The Netherlands in NATO concerning cruise missiles / Effect of decision about cruise missiles on the Lubbers administration. n8418: Necessity of military balance towards the USSR / Membership of NATO / Cruise missiles / Voting intention / Voting intention at the elections for the European Parliament / Topics of the European elections in June 1984 / Reading books in Dutch or foreign languages. n8419: Is membership of parliament a heavy or an easy task / Disclosure of incomes / Church attendance / Believe in heaven and/or hell. n8421: Acquaintance with dates of European Parliament elections / Voting intention for European Parliament elections. n8422: Opinion about the Lubbers administration / Preferred coalition after next elections / Necessity of military balance towards the USSR / Cruise missiles / "Middenschool" / Authority of prominent political persons / Burglary and burglary prevention. n8423: Interest in Olympic Games / Boycott of USSR and other East- European countries of the Olympic Games / Olympic games in Amsterdam in 1992 / Eating shrimps / Economic and social situation in The Netherlands / Influence of the Lubbers administration on the economic and social situation. n8424: Amount of working hours in a / Working of 35 hours and relation to income / Solution for unemployment. n8427: Kind of religion / Political party preference at last elections / Political preference at date of interview / Age / Number of years of education / Membership of a union / Professional status / Scale of wages / Left-right scaling / Voting behaviour at former elections . n8429: Decision about cruise missiles / Necessity of reducing benefits / Voting intention / Preferred leadership of socialist party. n8431: Physical characteristics / Female's preference for skirts or trousers / Having contact-lenses / Male respondents having a beard or a moustache. n8432: Voting on a political party or on the leader of a political party / Preference for specific politicians / Left-right scaling of the preferred politicians / Left-right scaling of respondents' friends / Left-right scaling of happiest and most satisfied people / Left-right scaling of most unsatisfied persons / Respondent's experience with burglary and maltreatment. n8434: Cruise missiles / RSV affair / Respondent's opinion about the management of the company where respondent is working / Respondent's opinion about management of companies in general / Size of company where respondent is working. n8435: Acid rain / Comparing nuclear energy and coal energy / Being a more or less frightened or happy personality / Presence in respondents' family of children who just left school / Expected influence of the government on economy, unemployment and the height of the benefits. n8437: Voting on a political party or on the leader of a political party / Preference for specific politicians / Expectations about the government program concerning retrenchment measures / Necessity of retrenchment measures / The Lubbers administration / Willingness to give blood for the Red Cross. n8439: Occupational status, working full-time or part-time / Amount of working hours per / Preference for part-time work / Payment of part-time work / Effect of shorter working hours on the unemployment problem / Having a job on the side. n8440: Government plans for 1985 / Personal consequences proposed government budget. n8441: Pornography and pornography in which children are involved / Oil, gas pipeline through the Waddenzee / Personal experiences with crime / Expectations about development of crime / Are there enough policemen / Number of cells in prison. n8443: Regulations concerning payment during illness / Number of days respondent did not work because of illness / Experience with drugs and drug addicts / Having a savings account / Respondent's acquaintance with the distrainment of accountancy of several saving bank offices / Alternative ways of saving money. n8444: Scaling of democratic character of various political parties / Wages and salaries for 1985 / Way of spending profits of companies / Satisfaction with income / Minimum incomes / Annual extra pay-out / Willingness of respondent to answer interviewer on a Sunday. n8445: Whether respondent is living in a rented or in an own house / Percentage of income which is paid for rent / Sharing of domes- tic work by husband and wife / Presence of electric household articles / Starting own business. n8446: Political preference compared with one year ago / Voting intention for next elections / Financial situation compared with one year ago, 10 years ago and compared with parents / Expectations concerning financial situation for the future, also for children / Building new nuclear power stations / Acid rain / Whether nuclear waste can be stored safely. n8447: Division of Dutch population in people with a job and a rather good income and unemployed persons with a very small income / For which group is government creating special facilities / Quality rating of products from 22 countries. n8448: Weekly shopping night. n8449: Christmas and Christmas presents / Firework New Years Eve / New Year cards / "Centrumpartij" / Expectations concerning personal life for 1985.

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