SAMD: Data Policy for Data USERS


Standardized Atmospheric Measurement Data - SAMD: Data Policy for Data USERS

This policy holds for all data that is provided by the SAMD archive.

  1. Creative Commons License All data in the SAMD archive are licensed under a Creative Commons License CC-BYNC-SA ( as far as those conditions are not in any way modified by the following conditions or by any conditions specific to data (especially Cloudnet data, see 7.).

  2. Used freely for non-commercial only Data from the SAMD archive may be used freely for research only (non-commercial).

  3. Audit All downloads from the SAMD archive are auditable. Information will be used for statistical analyses, such as download statistics

  4. Publications Articles, papers, or written scientific works of any form, based in whole or in part on data supplied by the SAMD archive, will contain a reference including the title, author, and PID number of each used data set, as given in the meta data file.

  5. Share alike Any person extracting data from this server will accept responsibility for informing all data users of these conditions.

  6. Liability / Warranty The data are delivered to the user without a warranty of any kind. The user is aware that the data were generated in keeping with the current state of science and technology.

  7. Data originating from other data bases, e.g. Cloudnet Data in the frame of ACTRIS Here, the data policy of the source data base applies in addition which is stored in the meta data of the data set. Please make sure that you use these data in agreement with the corresponding conditions of use.

{"references": [" SAMD; editing status 2021-07-14; - Registry of Research Data Repositories. last accessed: 2022-05-19"]}

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