Larch eco-physiological parameters, NDVI and climates data in July of the years in northeastern Siberia


In the taiga-tundra boundary of northeastern Siberia, larch (Larix gmelinii) trees were observed at five sites and subsites during July of 2009-2013. The in situ photosynthesis was measured. Needle and current year-stem samplings were collected for analyzing mass, nitrogen content, and delta C-13 and delta N-15. Acetone treatment effect on sample delta C-13 was studied. Soil temperature was measured. Data for satellite-derived normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) of each site and data for monthly mean air temperature and sunshine duration in July of 1978-2008 are also shown.

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Creator Liang, Maochang; Sugimoto, Atsuko; Tei, Shunsuke; Takano, Shinya; Morozumi, Tomoki; Shingubara, Ryo; Murase, Jun; Maximov, Trofim C
Publisher PANGAEA - Data Publisher for Earth & Environmental Science
Publication Year 2021
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Spatial Coverage (147.300W, 70.250S, 148.260E, 70.640N)
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