Hydrological simulation datasets for eight flash flood events in southeastern France


This dataset provides the hydrological simulations of eigth flash floods events that occurred in southeastern Fance between 2019 and 2021. These simulations were performed using the SMASH model, in a "lag 0" version, i.e. without routing scheme. The spatiotemporal steps are (1km, 15min).

The eight events were reproduced using four different QPFs (Quantitative Precipitation Forecasts): - The constant future rain, which consists in using the observed hyetogram until the time of beginning of forecast (trun) complemented until the lead-time with the rainfall amount observed between (trun) and (trun - 15min). - AROME-NWC, which is a numerical weather prediction model adapted to short-range. - PIAF, which is a data fusion product blending AROME-NWC and extrapolations of the radar-based QPE (Quantitative Precipitation Estimate) PANTHERE. - PIAF-EPS, which is an experimental ensemble version of PIAF, consisting of 17 members.

The dataset also provides the PANTHERE QPE hydrographs for the duration of each event.

Finally, the dataset provides reference discharge quantiles on the affected areas, corresponding to return periods of 2, 5 and 10 years. They were obtained by running the SMASH model for a long and continuous period (15 years), and by adjusting a Gumbel distribution to the corresponding annual maximum series.

Readme files are available in each zip directories.

DOI https://doi.org/10.57745/IHKGRE
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