Redundancy and Re-Employment in the Docks, 1992


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The aims of the project were to:describe and explain both the redundancy process and the labour market mobility of redundant dockers under different local labour market conditions;link the process of redundancy to the process of labour market mobility and to examine the disfunctionality between the two;examine and evaluate the social and economic costs of the Dock Labour Compensation Scheme (DLCS)examine the process of re-employment of redundant dockers in the ports and to assess the extent of casual and temporary employment.

Main Topics:

Topics covered includeemployment in the docks prior to abolition;employment and apprenticeships prior to employment in the docks;personal characteristics and circumstances;trade union membership;psychological impact of deregulation;type of redundancy (compulsory, voluntary), redundancy compensation offer;experience of redundancy for those made redundant; reasons for redundancy for those made redundant;experience of, and reasons for, remaining in the docks for those not made redundant;post-redundancy labour mobility including: intentions and outcomes - retraining, retirement, self-employment, re-employment, migration; unemployment duration; re-employment inside and outside the docks; job search;

One-stage cluster sample

Postal survey

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