Alignments of modern and archaic human genomes with primate outgroup genomes in tab-separated-values format


Each file corresponds to a chromosome on the human reference hg19/GRCh37 and contains the bases of apes extracted from pairwise whole-genome alignments and the sequences of archaics humans from genotype calls of short read data. The columns are: 1 chromosome 2 position 3 hg19 4 pantro4 5 panpan1.1 6 gorgor3 7 ponabe2 8 rhemac3 9 Vindija33.19 (with ambiguity codes for heterozygotes) 10 Altai (with ambiguity codes for heterozygotes) 11 Denisova (with ambiguity codes for heterozygotes)

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Creator Prüfer, Kay
Publisher Edmond
Publication Year 2021
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