OZCAR-RI OMERE Kamech catchment - France

Small agricultural catchment (263 ha) in a Mediterranean environment with 20 years of data: impact of global change (climate and anthropogenic activities as agricultural practices) on water and erosion balance, fluxes and quality. Soils: Calcic Cambisols (63.5%), Regosols (25.5%), Eutric Regosols (9.6%) and Chromic Vertisols (1.4%). Main cultures: cereals and leguminous. Continuous automatic measurements at nested scales from plot to catchment outlet (surface runoff, shallow groundwaters, surface-atmosphere fluxes) and continuous monitoring of anthropogenic activities . More information available on http://www.obs-omere.org. Kamech experimental catchment belongs to the French SOERE-RBV Network.

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Creator Damien Raclot
Publisher Long-Term Ecosystem Research in Europe
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Publication Year 2013
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Discipline Environmental Research; Geosciences; Land Use; Natural Sciences
Spatial Coverage (10.866W, 36.868S, 10.895E, 36.887N)