Mikrocensus 1976, 4. quarter: Physical Disabilities


The proposal for this special survey results on the one hand from the growing interest of social politics, welfare and medicine in social fringe groups. On the other hand it results from the fact that information on the number of handicapped people is currently only available for those who make use of services and are therefore registered (war victims, victims of occupational accidents, people who receive welfare benefit from the states, etc.) The competences for the assessment of handicapped people (for the population census) will probably not be exhausted due to the relatively small target group and the lack of space on the standardized census papers. Therefore, the Mikrocensus survey is the most suitable form of assessment. Within the scope of this special survey, visual handicaps, hearing impairment, mobility problems and other handicaps are assessed.

Probability: Stratified: Disproportional

Face-to-face interview

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