Sedimentological and geochronological data from the Carajas Basin, Brazil


Sedimentological data consists of sedimentary facies, described from seven fully cored wells that have been drilled in the Carajás Basin, Pará State, Brazil. These drill cores intersect iron formations and terrigenous deposits spanning the Neoarchean (ca. 2.7 to 2.6 Ga), in order to reconstruct paleoenvironments. Drilling locations, drill core references, drill core repository and sedimentological data are detailed in the first file of the present dataset. U-Pb geochronological data have been obtained on zircon grains by Laser Ablation - Inductively Coupled Plasma - Mass Spectrometry (LA-ICP-MS) in order to constraint the age and provenance of sedimentary rocks. Zircon grains were extracted from samples collected in drill cores. A subset of zircon grains from each rock sample has been subjected to a thermal annealing and chemical abrasion treatment before analysis by LA-ICP-MS. Detailed analytical procedure is presented in the second file of the present dataset ("Appendix2_Carajas_Basin_Methods.pdf"). Analytical results are provided in the third file of the present dataset ("Appendix3_Carajas_Basin_U-Pb_geochronology.xlsx").

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Creator Rossignol, Camille ORCID logo; Siciliano Rego, Eric; Narduzzi, Francesco; Teixeira, Lívia; Silva, Marco A L; Ávila, Janaína N; Lana, Cristiano ORCID logo; Trindade, Ricardo F ORCID logo; Zapparoli, Adriana; Philippot, Pascal
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