Marine electrical resistivity profile 4 - west, Bykovsky Peninsula, Siberia


The data was collected with an IRIS Syscal Pro Deep Marine resistivity system that was equipped with a GPS and an echo-sounder to record water depths. The geoelectric cable had an electrode separation of 10 m and the electrodes were arranged in a reciprocal Wenner Schlumberger array. The offset between the first electrode and the boat was approximately 10 m.

Distance: Distance of boat position from starting point (m). This is not a cumulative distance.Water_depth: Water depth (m) from echo-sounderP1P2: Apparent resistivity (ohm-m) measured between potential electrodes P1 and P2. The remaining apparent resistivity columns have the same structure.C1: Position (m) of current electrode C1 relative to the boat position. For example, -60 m indicates that C1 is located 60 m behind the boat at the profile start.C2: Position (m) of current electrode C2 relative to the boat position. For example, -70 m indicates that C2 is located 70 m behind the boat at the profile start.P1: Position (m) of potential electrode P1 relative to the boat position. For example, -80 m indicates that P1 is located 80 m behind the boat at the profile start.P2: Position (m) of potential electrode P2 relative to the boat position. For example, -50 m indicates that P2 is located 50 m behind the boat at the profile start.The remaining electrode position columns follow the same structure.Latitude: latitude of boat position measured with GPS (WGS 1984)Longitude: longitude of boat position measured with GPS (WGS 1984)Note: Profile 4 (East) and Profile (West) were originally part of a single profile, but they were chopped into two segments for which the geoelectric cable was straight. Therefore, the initial distance of Profile (West) is listed as 357 m. Since the latter is the distance from the Profile 4 (East) origin point, the latitude and longitude coordinates should be used for more accurate estimates of distances between soundings along Profile 4 (West).

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