Carbon, nitrogen and sulphur of sediment core CRP-1 (Table 1)

Sediments and rocks recovered in CRP-1 coring operations contain relatively little organic matter (average 0.4% TOC) and very small amounts of solvent-soluble organic matter ( average 60 µg bitumen/g rock). The kerogen recovered from these rocks has atomic H:C ratios that range from 0.7 to 1.0 and atomic O:C ratios that range from 0.14-0.22. This range of values could be produced by mixing coal detritus with aquatic organic matter. Coal with the O:C ratios necessary to produce the kerogen present in the CRP-1 samples occurs in outcrops of the Permian Beacon Supergroup proximal to the drillsite.

Measurements were made using the technique of Hedges and Stern (1984, Limnology and Oceanography, 29: 657-663)

Supplement to: Kettler, Richard M (1998): Preliminary results of bitumen and kerogen analyses of the CRP-1. Terra Antartica, 5(3), 669-672

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