Radiogenic Nd isotope signatures of progressively leached dolostone grains from 4 sediment cores in the Labrador Sea


This dataset includes the results of the analysis of 4 marine sediment downcore records recovered from the Labrador Sea: core MD99-2227 (58° 12.38 N, 48° 22.22 W, 3460 m); core HU08-029-004 (61°27.49 N, 58°02.11 W, 2674 m); HU84-030-021 (58°22.06 N, 57°30.42 W, 2853 m); core HU91-045-094,(50°12.26 N, 45°41.14 W, 3448 m). Analysis includes measurement of the radiogenic Nd isotope signatures progressively leached dolostone grains, picked from wet-sieved < 63µm sediment fraction of marine sediment downcores. The downcore records were sampled with resolution of about 1 kyr and cover roughly the last 33 ka.

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Creator Filippova, Alexandra ORCID logo; Frank, Martin ORCID logo; Kienast, Markus; Gutjahr, Marcus ORCID logo; Hathorne, Ed C ORCID logo; Hillaire-Marcel, Claude ORCID logo
Publisher PANGAEA
Publication Year 2022
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Spatial Coverage (-58.036W, 50.200S, -45.690E, 61.464N); Greenland Rise