Synthesis and characterization of [7]triangulene


In this record we provide data to support our recent findings related to the fabrication of [7]triangulene. Triangulene and its π-extended homologues constitute non-Kekulé polyradical frameworks with high-spin ground states, and are anticipated to be key components of organic spintronic devices. In our publication we report a combined in-solution and on-surface synthesis of the hitherto largest triangulene homologue, [7]triangulene (C78H24), consisting of twenty-eight benzenoid rings fused in a triangular fashion. We employ low-temperature scanning tunneling microscopy to confirm the chemical structure of individual molecules adsorbed on a Cu(111) surface. While neutral [7]triangulene in the gas phase is predicted to have an open-shell septet ground state; our scanning tunneling spectroscopy measurements, in combination with density functional theory calculations, reveal chemisorption of [7]triangulene on Cu(111) together with considerable charge transfer, resulting in a closed-shell state. Furthermore, substantial hybridization between the molecular orbitals of [7]triangulene is observed.

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Creator Mishra, Shantanu; Xu, Kun; Eimre, Kristjan; Hartmut, Komber; Ma, Ji; Pignedoli, Carlo A.; Fasel, Roman; Feng, Xinliang; Ruffieux, Pascal
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Publication Year 2021
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