AUTNES Online Panel Study 2013 - 2015 (SUF edition)


Full edition for scientific use. This dataset contains political preferences of Austrian citizens eligible to vote (age 16 and older). It is based on the TV debates panel for the national parliamentary election on 29.9.2013. It adds two panel waves to the original four waves from 2013. The fifth wave was conducted on the European Parliament elections 2014; the sixth wave represents an inter-election survey in 2015. Overall, the dataset includes six waves that were conducted through interactive online questionnaires (CAWI) in the period 16.8.2013 – 25.11.2015. In the first wave, 3084 respondents were selected from a pre-existing online panel based on a quota sample and then re-contacted in five consecutive waves. A key aspect is the European Election in 2014 which supplements emphasis on TV debates and candidate evaluation in the first four waves. Further variables are, among others, political preferences; media consumption; campaign perception; electoral behavior; attitudes towards the Freedom Party, Muslims, and immigration. Additional variables capture demographics and technical information.

Non-probability: Quota

Self-administered questionnaire: Web-based

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Creator Kritzinger, Sylvia; Johann, David; Thomas, Kathrin; Glantschnigg, Christian; Aichholzer, Julian; Glinitzer, Konstantin; Gründl, Johann; Oberluggauer, Patricia; Wagner, Markus
Publisher AUSSDA; The Austrian Social Science Data Archive
Publication Year 2020
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Discipline Social Sciences
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