Endemic vascular plant species

Presence/absence data for vascular plant species and their endemic category along an elevational gradient about 1500 m (starting at 2000 m. a.s.l. towards the Mulhacén summit at 3480 m. a.s.l.). Period of field survey has been 15.07.2016 to 15.09.2016. 20 vegetation plots in total (hexagonal plot design, plot = 23,8 m², divided into 6 subplots and 3 further sub-subplots). Estimated cover in % of vegetation, open soil, percentage of rocks, stones, sand and litter per subplot. Leaf colours (measured by the Munsell colour chart) were taken for the dominant species within each plot. A magnet was buried in the centre of each plot for further re-identification.

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Spatial Coverage (-3.572W, 36.932S, -2.644E, 37.184N)