MOSAiCH COVID-19. Measurement and Observation of Social Attitudes in Switzerland 2020. Study on Environment and related topics - COVID-19 complement Wave 1+2+3_BETA Version


The first wave of this COVID-19 survey was fielded as part of the 2020 MOSAiCH survey. MOSAiCH is a yearly cross-sectional survey that focuses on the Swiss population’s values and attitudes towards a wide range of social issues. At the core of the survey is the latest module of the International Social Survey Programme (ISSP), which focuses on environmental issues. The MOSAiCH COVID-19 survey focuses on well-being, work, family and political attitudes during the pandemic. The second and third wave are fielded as follow-ups to wave 1, repeating most of the questions, and giving so a longitudinal view on the Swiss population during this outstanding period.

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Creator Ernst Stähli, Michèle
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