PELD Coral Coast Alagoas - Brazil

The Site comprises the Coastal Alagoas State portion of the Marine Protected Area Coral Coast (APACC), starting at the mouth of the Meirin River (Maceió, geographical coordinates: 9 ° 32'51 "S and 35 ° 36'59" W), following the preamar meanline, in the general northeasterly direction, bypassing and including the mangroves in all their extension to the left margin of the Persinunga River, on the border between Alagoas and Pernambuco States, geographical coordinates: 8 ° 54'49.04 "S and 35 ° 9'10.13" W, and advancing towards the direction of the Atlantic Ocean to the limit of the 10m isobath, according to the bathymetric chart of the Brazilian Navy. In this section, we can find significant samples of the main ecosystemic features present in APACC: estuaries, beach formations, marine angiosperm meadows, coralline reefs, and beach rocks.

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