Biostratigraphic distribution of calcareous nannofossils from ODP Hole 171-1052E showing qualitative abundance estimates (Table S6)


Species Abundance: A, 1 specimen per field of view (FOV); C, 1 specimen per 10 FOV; F, 1 specimen per 50 FOV; R, 1 specimen per >50 FOV; rw = reworked specimen; ? = questionable identification. Sample Abundance: A, > 10 specimens per FOV. Sample Preservation: G, good; M, moderate.. “rw” = reworked

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Creator Huber, Brian T ORCID logo; Tur, Nataliya; Self-Trail, Jean; MacLeod, Kenneth G ORCID logo
Publisher PANGAEA
Publication Year 2022
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Spatial Coverage (-76.627 LON, 29.951 LAT); Blake Nose, North Atlantic Ocean