Clearance, O2 respiration and NH4 excretion rates of Cerastoderma edule under salinity stress


Here we investigate differences on the energetic strategy of thread drifters (3-4mm) and sedentary settlers (9-10mm) of Cerastoderma edule over a wide range of salinities (3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 35) in a laboratory experiment. Several physiological indicators (clearance, respiration and excretion rates and O:N) were measured during acute (2 days) and acclimated responses (7 days of exposure) for both size classes. Our results revealed a common lethal limit for both developmental stages (Salinity <15) but a larger physiological plasticity of thread drifters than sedentary settlers.

Supplement to: Peteiro, Laura Garcia; Woodin, Sarah A; Wethey, David S; Costas-Costas, Damian; Martinez-Casal, Arantxa; Olabarria, Celia; Vázquez, Elsa (2018): Responses to salinity stress in bivalves: Evidence of ontogenetic changes in energetic physiology on Cerastoderma edule. Scientific Reports, 8(1), 8329

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Creator Peteiro, Laura Garcia ORCID logo; Woodin, Sarah A ORCID logo; Wethey, David S ORCID logo; Costas-Costas, Damian; Martinez-Casal, Arantxa; Olabarria, Celia; Vázquez, Elsa
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