Multi-proxy analysis of sediment cores from Lake Peixinho (Azores archipelago, Portugal)


The Azores archipelago is a group of nine oceanic volcanic islands located in the mid-North Atlantic, roughly 1500 km from Europe and 1900 km from America. Lake Peixinho located in Pico island 14m of maximum depth and is located at 874m above sea level. A coring campaign was conducted in June 2015 using a 60mm diameter UWITEC gravity corer from UWITEC floating platform retrieving a core (2.53 m long) located in the deepest part of the lake. The core was dated using ¹⁴C and produced a multi-proxy dataset of geochemical and biological analyses that we used to uncover paleoenvironmental changes on Lake Azul in the last 1500 years.

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Creator Raposeiro, Pedro Miguel ORCID logo; Hernández, Armand ORCID logo; Pla-Rabes, Sergi ORCID logo; Gonçalves, Vítor (ORCID: 0000-0002-5737-296X); Bao, Roberto ORCID logo; Sáez, Alberto; de Boer, Erik J ORCID logo; Pimentel, Christopher; Marques, Helena ORCID logo; Vilagut, Violeta; Ricther, Nora; Gordon, Verónica; Yongsong, Huang; Giralt, Santiago ORCID logo
Publisher PANGAEA
Publication Year 2024
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Spatial Coverage (-28.174 LON, 38.435 LAT); Azores