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  • Matsch-Mazia proglacial area - Italy

    Proglacial area of the Matsch/Mazia glacier
  • Hydrology

    Hydrological infrastructure (artifical canals, ponds, rivers, catchments), water use by municipalities
  • Unteres Riffelkees - Austria

    Reconstituted glacier by ice avalanches from Oberes Riffelkees(Totenlöcher). The Untere Riffelkees is a heavyly debris covered glacier tongue(Bergsturz around 1906). The...
  • OZCAR-RI H+ LSBB (Low Noise Underground Laboratory) - France

    In the heart of the karstic massif of Fontaine-de-Vaucluse, LSBB enables research to be undertaken at scales that are usually unobtainable, ranging from flowing fractures (61...
  • Ödenwinkelkees - Austria

    The Ödenwinkelkees is a special glacier typ: a valley, cirque and debris covered glacier on the main northern crest of the hohe Tauern in the upper most stubach valley.
  • Totenkopfkees - Austria

    The Totenkopfkees is a cirque glacier located in the eastern Glocknergruppe in the upper most Stubach Valley in the vicinity of the Ödenwinkelkees.
  • Landeggkees - Austria

    The Landeggkess (Landeckkees) is the middle glacier of several disconected small parts of a former bigger cirque glacier. The glacier is situated at the headwall of Ödtal, a...
  • Kleineiserkees - Austria

    The Kleineiserkees has disintegrated into two small cirque glaciers in the 2010s. They are located in the western Glocknergruppe in the upper Stubach Valley.
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