Ramat Hanadiv (RHD) - Israel

In September 1993, Ramat Hanadiv inaugurated the Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) station as part of the global and Israel LTER network. One of the main areas of activity at the station is a long-term monitoring program. The long-term monitoring program includes continuous monitoring of several parameters and organisms as determined in advance: Gazelles, chukars, passerines, butterflies, herbaceous vegetation, and woody vegetation. A meteorological station has been established in the park to collect climactic data. The information is gathered and stored in a web-based database providing baseline data that can serve in the future as a point of reference. Our aspiration is that the combination of monitoring and management will in the long term enable the conservation and enrichment of the diversity of species, communities, landscapes, and processes of the Mediterranean landscape. In addition to the activities of the LTER station, Ramat Hanadiv is also implementing dozens of studies focusing on a wide range of fields. These studies are carried out by students and researchers from universities throughout Israel. In the Israeli context Ramat Hanadiv is a unique case of a natural area that is actively managed, intensively studied and mapped on all levels. As such, it cam serve as an example of nature conservation and management of Mediterranean ecosystems in Israel.

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