Composition of bottom sediments from the Central Basin of the Indian Ocean, supplement to: Popov, V P (1985): Bottom sediments from the western part of the Central Basin of the Indian Ocean. Litologiya i Poleznyye Iskopaemyye (Lithology and Mineral Resources), 20(2), 16-35


A study of petrographic and mineral compositions of 26 sediment cores from the western part of the Central Basin of the Indian Ocean has identified biogenic, terrigenous, volcanogenic, and authigenic sediment types formed in certain facies conditions. On the basis of bio- and paleomagnetic stratigraphy data from the cores sedimentation rates of different sediment types have been calculated. Modern and Pliocene-Pleistocene positions of the main facies boundaries (the critical depth of carbonate accumulation, the geochemical boundary between hemi- and miopelagic zones, the frontal boundaries of the equatorial belt of biogenic silica accumulation) have been determined. It has been shown that the sedimentary process during Pliocene-Quaternary had cycle variations characterized by successive changes of different sedimentation types - hemipelagic, miopelagic, and biogenic.

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