Holocene geochemical data from sediment core Ladstatt-Mire of the Northern Central Alps (Kleinwalser Valley/Kleinwalsertal, Austria)


The presented data consists of high resolution dry bulk density, accumulation rates and geochemical data (Ti) for a mire (Ladstatt Mire) of the Kleinwalser Valley (Kleinwalsertal), Austria, in the the calcareous Northern Central Alps. The records cover approximately 6200 years and were analysed to reconstruct past mire development, landscape change, human land use, disturbance and pollution and to detect prehistoric metallurgy.

Concentrations of Ti are calibrated with ICP-MS data. In lines without Ti-concentrations, no measurements were done.

DOI https://doi.org/10.1594/PANGAEA.915054
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Creator von Scheffer, Clemens; Lange, Annika; De Vleeschouwer, Francois; Schrautzer, Joachim; Unkel, Ingmar
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