Incubation experiments to examine the production and loss of CH3I in surface seawater


In order to investigate production pathways of methyl iodide and controls on emissions from the surface ocean, a set of repeated in-vitro incubation experiments were performed over an annual cycle in the context of a time-series of in-situ measurements in Kiel Fjord (54.3 N, 10.1E). The incubation experiments revealed a diurnal variation of methyl iodide in samples exposed to natural light, with maxima during day time and losses during night hours. The amplitude of the daily accumulation varied seasonally and was not affected by filtration (0.2µm), consistent with a photochemical pathway for CH3I production. The methyl iodide loss rate during night time correlated with the concentration accumulated during daytime. Daily (24 hour) net production (Pnet) was similar in magnitude between in vitro and in situ mass balances. However, the estimated gross production (Pgross) of methyl iodide ranged from -0.07 to 2.24 pmol/day and were 5 times higher in summer than Pnet calculated from the in-situ study [Shi et al., 2014]. The large excess of Pgross over Pnet revealed by the in-vitro (incubation) experiments in summer is a consequence of large losses of CH3I by as-yet uncharacterized processes (e.g. biological degradation or chemical pathways other than Cl- substitution).

Supplement to: Shi, Qiang; Marandino, Christa A; Petrick, Gert; Quack, Birgit; Wallace, Douglas WR (2014): A time series of incubation experiments to examine the production and loss of CH3I in surface seawater. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, 119(12), 8242-8254

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