Age-Depth tie points for DSDP Hole 28-274


Ages have been assigned using the relaxed hybrid CONOP model of Crampton et al. (2016). No biostratigraphic markers exist in the interval directly below 141.26 so the age model here assumes the same sedimentation rate as between 113.6 and 141.26.Age tie points from 214.13 mbsf and above from: Acton et al. (2008). Age tie points from 214.14 to 1138.54 mbsf from Levy et al. (2016).Antarctica New Zealand Sir Robin Irvine PhD Scholarship awarded to B.D. Scientific Committee of Antarctic Research Fellowship awarded to B.D. New Zealand Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment through the Antarctic Science Platform (ANTA1801), and Contract C05X1001

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Creator Duncan, Bella; McKay, Robert M; Levy, Richard H; Naish, Timothy R; Prebble, Joseph G; Sangiorgi, Francesca; Krishnan, Srinath; Hoem, Frida; Clowes, Christopher; Dunkley Jones, Tom; Gasson, Edward G W; Kraus, Christoph; Kulhanek, Denise K; Meyers, Stephen R; Moossen, Heiko; Warren, Courtney E; Willmott, Verónica; Ventura, G Todd; Bendle, James A
Publisher PANGAEA
Publication Year 2022
Funding Reference National Science Foundation, OCE 1326927; Natural Environment Research Council, NE I00646X 1; Natural Environment Research Council, NE P013112 1; Royal Society of New Zealand, MFP VUW1808; Royal Society of New Zealand, RFT VUW1804 PD
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Spatial Coverage (173.427 LON, -68.997 LAT); Antarctic Ocean/CONT RISE