Elemental composition of sediment core PG2208


Core sections were opened alongside and cut into halves of which one was used for non-destructive XRF scanning and back-up material, while the other one was subsampled for single sample analyses. We used an AVAATECH XRF Core Scanner at AWI (Bremerhaven), equipped with Rh x-ray tube at 1.2 mA, 12 s count time for 10 kV (no filter) and 1,5 mA, 15 s count time for 30 kV (Pd filter) to scan the core in 10 mm steps for elements ranging from Al to Bi within a He atmosphere. The mean error (expressed as chi square χ2) for elements of interest was Al 2.0, Si 3.5, Ti 1.6, Mn 14.4, Fe 12.1, Br 0.6, Rb 0.7, Sr 1.0.

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Spatial Coverage (130.868 LON, 56.056 LAT); Lake Bolshoe Toko, Yakutia, Russia