Late Holocene diatom abundaces in sediment core HC-11, supplement to: Tsoy, Ira B; Obrezkova, Maria S; Aksentov, KI; Kolesnik, Alexander N; Panov, V S (2017): Late holocene environmental changes in the Southwestern Chukchi Sea inferred from diatom analysis. Russian Journal of Marine Biology, 43(4), 276-285


The study of diatoms in core HC11 collected from the southwestern part of Chukchi Sea, allowed to distinguish 3 diatoms ecological zones, reflecting paleoenvironmental changes during the last 2300 years. The sediment age was based on the sedimentation rates, determined by 210Pb and radiocarbon dating of mollusk shells. The environmental changes of Chukchi Sea revealed by examination of diatoms correlates with global climate changes - the warming of the early and middle Subatlantic and cooling of the late Subatlantic (Little Ice Age). Warming early and middle Subatlantic in the Chukchi Sea was probably stronger than the warming of the late 20th century and was not accompanied by significant changes in sea level.

<1 = Additional diatoms recorded after the main count.

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