Dissolved iron concentrations simulated by a high-resolution North Pacific model


Data archived here are the external iron input data and model output data discussed in a paper entitled "Slowly sinking particles underlie dissolved iron transport across the Pacific Ocean" submitted to Global Biogeochemical Cycles.The model used in this study was developed by coupling Regional Ocean Modeling System (Shchepetkin and McWilliams, 2005) and Biogeochemical Elemental Cycling model (Moore et al., 2013). The model covers the whole North Pacific Ocean. The model horizontal resolution was set to 1/4° mesh. The external iron input data are iron fluxes due to atmospheric deposition and dissolution from seabed sediments. The model output data are dissolved iron concentrations simulated by the model and were only presented for the data in the intermediate layer (26.6-27.4 sigma-theta divided by 0.02 sigma-theta). The simulated data were regridded 1° mesh to reduce the size of the data. The model was calculated for 100 years and the simulated dissolved iron concentration are in quasi-steady state. For more details about the individual archived data, please refer to README.pdf included in the data.ReferenceShchepetkin, A. F., & McWilliams, J. C. (2005). The regional oceanic modeling system (ROMS): A split-explicit, free-surface, topography-following-coordinate oceanic model. Ocean Modelling, 9(4), 347-404.Moore, J. K., Lindsay, K., Doney, S. C., Long, M. C., & Misumi, K. (2013). Marine ecosystem dynamics and biogeochemical cycling in the Community Earth System Model (CESM1-BGC). Journal of Climate, 26, 9291-9312.

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