Geospatial data bout the wildfire ignition probability and wildfire spreading capacity of Romanian vegetated surfaces


This data consist of a geospatial points layer (shp file), which deliver both the multi-criteria inventory records and the calculated wildfire ignition probability and wildfire spreading capacity (WIPI/WSCI) of the Romanian vegetated surfaces. The distance between points is 1km. The file consists of 70410 points in total, that overlap with the vegetated surfaces as derived from CORINE Land Cover data of 2018.

The data shared in this package delivers the wildfire ignition probability and spreading capacity of vegetated surfaces in Romania following the method developed by Hysa and Baskaya (2019, The model relies on remotely sensed free data that covers the time-lapse between 2015-2020. Geospatial information about sixteen criteria about anthropogenic, hydro-meteorological, geophysical, and fuel properties of Romanian territory are considered here. Raw data regarding each criterion is acquired for free from different online databases. The attribute table of the shared shapefile includes all inventory measurements per each criterion. It consist of 70410 point geometries in total representing 1km2 each, covering all vegetated surfaces of Romania.

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