Ghana RPED Data, Waves 1-3, 1991-1993


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The objective of the project was to survey firms in Ghana's manufacturing sector covering the period 1991-1993. This study comprises a comprehensive panel data set on a sample of firms within that sector. These data were collected over the period 1992 to 1994 in a series of three annual surveys, as part of the Regional Program on Enterprise Development (RPED) organised by the World Bank. The original sample of 200 firms was drawn on a random basis from firms contained in the 1987 <i>Census of Manufacturing Activities</i>. The firms constituted a panel which was intended to be broadly representative of the size distribution of firms across the major sectors of Ghana's manufacturing industry. These sectors include food processing, textiles and garments, wood products and furniture, metal products and machinery. It has been possible to obtain data over the three waves for the majority of the original sample of firms, but, where necessary, firms that have dropped out of the survey (for a variety of reasons) have been replaced in the sample by similar firms. The data collected over the first three waves of the survey, which are contained in this dataset, give information on sampled firms and a sub-sample of their workers relating to the years 1991, 1992 and 1993. A fourth wave of the survey conducted in late 1996 gathered similar data relating to 1994 and 1995 - these data are currently being prepared for dissemination by the Principal Investigators, and are not contained in this dataset. A fifth wave of the survey is planned to obtain comparable firm and worker level data for the years 1996 and 1997. The CSAE have a website which includes further information on the Ghana RPED data, at: <a href=</a>;

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Both firm level data and employee level data were collected. The firm data covers sales, costs, wages, investment and financial information. All aspects of the performance of the firms are covered. The employee data includes wages and background information. The data may be used to study firm output, growth and investment. There are three waves of the data - each wave is in a separate file, and had a separate questionnaire. The questionnaire section links with individual files. For further details of coverage, please see documentation.

One-stage stratified or systematic random sample

Face-to-face interview

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