Principal data and analysis code from Riihelä et al (2021): Recent strengthening of snow and ice albedo feedback driven by Antarctic sea ice loss, Nature Geoscience, 2021


This entry contains the principal data of the associated publication - the annual global mean snow/ice albedo feedbacks resulting from surface albedo changes over both polar regions (poleward of 50 degrees latitude). Data are available based on CLARA-A2.1 surface albedo data record combined with two radiative kernels; CloudSat-CALIPSO (CC) and CERES-based albedo change kernel (CACK). Upper and lower limits of estimated SIAF uncertainty envelopes are provided in the data file.

The entry also provides the principal python codes used in the study. These codes are provided as-is.

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Creator Riihelä, Aku; Bright, Ryan M.; Anttila, Kati
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Publication Year 2021
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