Bulk organic-carbon geochemistry, major and trace element concentrations, and microfossil abundances in Cenomanian-Turonian sediments from IODP Site 342-U1407, Southeast Newfoundland Ridge


We collected pelagic sediments from Holes A and B of IODP Site 342-U1407 that accumulated on the Southeast Newfoundland Ridge that spanned the Early Cenomanian to Early Turonian. In this study, we reconstruct the paleoceanographic changes before, during, and after Oceanic Anoxic Event 2 (OAE2) to isolate the triggers behind the widespread deposition of organic matter (OM) during this time. We combined the stable isotopes of bulk organic carbon, total organic carbon, total inorganic carbon, major and trace elements, and abundances of microfossils (benthic foraminiferal, biserial heterohelicid foraminifera, and radiolarians) to characterize the sediments. Biomarker indices were also calculated to determine the source and thermal maturity of the OM.

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