Single-grain zircon (U-Th)/He (ZHe) analytical results and sample ages (Table S2)


This dataset (Table S2) contains a total of 79 single-grain analytical data of zircon (U-Th)/He (ZHe) measurements from 23 of the newly collected bedrock samples. Furthermore, the data table contains weighted mean ZHe ages for reset samples. Data were acquired between 2019 and 2021 at the University of Tübingen, Germany, using standard heavy mineral separation techniques to obtain zircon concentrates, a Leica binocular for zircon selection, a Patterson helium line for single-grain helium measurements, and a Thermo Fisher Scientific iCAP Qc and Agilent 7900 ICP-MS for uranium and thorium measurements via isotope dilution inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry.

Note: All errors are 1 sigma (1s).a: Effective uranium eU=[U]+0.235*[Th], based on grain masses determined after Glotzbach et al. (2019, Mass determined after Glotzbach et al. (2019, and using an assumed density of 4.65±0.1 g/cm3c: Sphere-equivalent radius determined after Glotzbach et al. (2019, Alpha-ejection correction factor determined after Glotzbach et al. (2019, Weighted mean zircon (U-Th)/He age with weighted standard deviation is calculated for reset samples.f: Interpreted ZHe age refers to samples with only one single-grain age, which is cautiously used as sample age.g: A 11% error is used as the interpreted age's uncertainty, which is the average relative error of the weighted mean ZHe ages. If the analytical uncertainty of the aliquot is higher than 11%, the aliquot analytical uncertainty is used.h: Single-grain age excluded from the sample age calculation. For an explanation, see Comment column.

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Spatial Coverage (-71.884W, -14.587S, -70.329E, -12.924N); eastern Central Andes, South Peru
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