Accountability and the Governance of Expertise : Anticipating Genetic Bioweapons, 2002-2003


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This collection is made up of 25 semi-structured and open-ended interviews with either commercial and academic research scientists or science policy officials in the UK and US. The interviews discussed a 'case study' into the possible malign applications of research into acetylcholine and muscarinic receptors. Details of this 'case study' are outlined more fully in the user guide. The interviews also took in other research into biological systems and responses to threats associated with biological weapons. Eleven interviews were transcribed, with the remaining 14 summarised in single-page interview notes.

Main Topics:

This project sought to contribute to both social and biological sciences understanding of the relation between science and wider society by examining how scientists, professional associations, funding bodies, and commercial organisations attempt to control and communicate the implications of their research. It considers the potential for current genetics research to facilitate the development of new forms of biological weaponry. The project also sought to understand how notions of expertise, responsibility, and accountability entered into the research agendas of scientists in public, private and policy domains. A key concern was not only how researchers and organisations respond to existing threats about the implications of their work, but how such actors operated in relation to anticipated future risks. Current attempts to establish standards of conduct were scrutinised in terms of their implications for notions of professionalism and the communication practices of researchers.

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