Synthesis of sea surface temperature and foraminifera stable isotope data spanning the mid-Pliocene warm period and early Pleistocene (PlioVAR)


The Pliocene Epoch (~2.6–5.3 million years ago, Ma) was characterized by a warmer than present climate with smaller Northern Hemisphere ice sheets, and therefore offers an example of a climate system in long-term equilibrium with current or predicted near-future carbon dioxide concentrations. The end of the Pliocene (~2.6 Ma) is marked by further ice-sheet expansion and intensification of glacial (cold) stages, referred to as the "intensification of Northern Hemisphere Glaciation" (iNHG). Here we present the data used to assess the spatial and temporal variability of ocean temperatures and ice-volume indicators through the late Pliocene and early Pleistocene (from 3.3 to 2.4 Ma) to determine the character of this climate transition. The data come from the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian and Southern Ocean, as well as some marginal seas. Here we present the synthesized alkenone sea-surface temperature, Mg/Ca sea-surface temperature, planktonic foraminifera d18O and benthic foraminifera d18O data which were used in our synthesis. Although the original data sets are largely published, here we present the alkenone SST records calculated using the BAYSPLINE calibration where these were not part of the original publication; the Mg/Ca-SST records where we revised the absolute SSTs; any data sets where we revised the age model.

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Creator McClymont, Erin L ORCID logo; Ho, Sze Ling ORCID logo; Ford, Heather L ORCID logo; Bailey, Ian ORCID logo; Berke, Melissa A ORCID logo; Bolton, Clara T ORCID logo; De Schepper, Stijn ORCID logo; Grant, Georgia Rose ORCID logo; Groeneveld, Jeroen ORCID logo; Inglis, Gordon N ORCID logo; Karas, Cyrus ORCID logo; Patterson, Molly O; Swann, George E A ORCID logo; Thirumalai, Kaustubh ORCID logo; White, Sarah M; Alonso-Garcia, Montserrat ORCID logo; Anand, Pallavi ORCID logo; Hoogakker, Babette A A ORCID logo; Littler, Kate; Petrick, Benjamin F ORCID logo; Risebrobakken, Bjørg ORCID logo; Abell, Jordan; Crocker, Anya J ORCID logo; de Graaf, Friso Marc ORCID logo; Feakins, Sarah J ORCID logo; Hargreaves, Julia C; Jones, Chloe Louise ORCID logo; Markowska, Monika; Ratnayake, Amila S ORCID logo; Stepanek, Christian ORCID logo; Tangunan, Deborah N ORCID logo
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Publication Year 2023
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