Dissolved methane concentrations under ice cover in the Lena Delta area


In spring 2017 and 2018 holes were drilled through the ice cover of Tiksi Bay, Lake Golzovoye and the Lena River, Russia, Siberia. The sample water was processed in two ways: #1: The water was transferred to glass bottles (120 ml) and poisoned with 0.2 ml of 25% H2SO4. In the home laboratory a 20 ml head space was created and analyzed via gas chromatography. Magen et al. (2014).#2: The water was transferred to two times 60-ml syringes, 20 ml of ambient air was added to 40 ml of sample. After shaking for 2 min the combined gas phase was transferred into a glas bottle filled with saturated NaCl solution. In the home laboratory this gas phase was analyzed via gas chromatopgraphy. Ricão Canelhas et al. (2016).

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Spatial Coverage (126.746W, 71.726S, 129.345E, 72.413N); Goltsovoye Lake, Siberia, Russia; Tiksi Bay; Lena River, Siberia, Russia
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