Seasonal dynamics in the chemical defence of eelgrass against microfoulers, supplement to: Guan, Chi; Saha, Mahasweta; Weinberger, Florian (2019): Chemical Defence of a Seagrass against Microfoulers and Its Seasonal Dynamics. Applied Sciences, 9(6), 1258


We assessed the seasonality of bacterial settlement pressure, defense against microsettlers and concentrations of a previously identified defense compound, Rosmarinic acid, on surfaces of the eelgrass Zostera marina, sampled monthly at four plots in the Kiel Fjord (SW Baltic Sea). Water temperature, salinity, nutrient concentrations in water and light intensity were also measured, as well as photosynthetically active radiation.

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Creator Guan, Chi; Weinberger, Florian
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Publication Year 2019
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Spatial Coverage (10.190 LON, 54.394 LAT)
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Temporal Coverage End 2015-11-30T00:00:00Z