PELD Tanguro Ranch - Brazil

Tanguro Ranch is located in the southern Amazon, the driest portion of the Amazon Basin, and harbors a transitional forest (between Amazon forests and savannas). Tanguro lies on the Amazonian agricultural frontier, where largest rates of deforestation and fire occurred in last decades. The ranch experienced deforestation for cattle pasture in the mid-1980s, followed by a cropland expansion in the early 2000s. Starting in 2010, it has undergone a rapid shift from soybean single cropping to soybean-corn double cropping. The topography, soils, hydrology and farming practices at Tanguro are typical of the southern and eastern Amazonian agricultural frontier, a region that is highly vulnerable to changes in fire regime, climate change, and their interactions. Tanguro ranch represents changes that occur in a much wider area and that will probably occur in other regions of the Amazon Basin in a near future.

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