Occurence of sponges and associated fauna on the Schultz Bank (Flank) during GO Sars cruise GS2018108 in 2018


In 2014, two experimental Agassiz trawls were conducted on the Schulz Bank; one at the summit (568–670 m depth) and one on the southwestern flank (1,464 m depth). The 3-m-wide Agassiz trawl, with a 1 cm mesh size in the cod-end, was towed along the seafloor for 676 m on the summit and 441 m on the flank, resulting in a disturbed area of 2,028 and 1,323 m², for the summit and flank, respectively. Towing speed was maintained at around 2 knots and the initial and final position were recorded. In August 2018, the two trawl marks and four additional control transects (one on either side of the trawl mark) were surveyed while onboard the R/V G.O.Sars. Video recordings were taken along the trawl marks and control transects with the ROV AEGIR6000. Control transects were located 50 m to the east and west of each trawl mark and were performed parallel to the mark.

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Spatial Coverage (7.435W, 73.813S, 7.443E, 73.816N); Schultz Bank
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