Burnsmuir & the Cairngorms LTSER platform - United Kingdom

This site comprises two separate but linked sites in Scotland. Burnsmuir is a landscape area close to Edinburgh. Within its area are two established research locations, Whim Bog and Auchencorth Moss. The Cairngorms National Park LTSER Platform is further north in the Scottish Highlands. Cairngorms National Park includes within it the Cairngorms Environmental Change Network LTER site. These sites are described separately in DEIMS (see the links provided). Burnsmuir & Cairngorms LTSER platform is the an umbrella site created to offer eLTER H2020 Transnational Access to the three facilities. Science is focussed on biosphere-atmosphere interactions, hydrology, climate and socio-ecological linkages. Auchencorth Moss site is a WMO-GAW regional site and an EMEP supersite (UNECE/CLRTAP) with new laboratory space for visiting scientists. Real-time measurements of aerosol composition and reactive gases are carried out routinely. Whim Bog is a globally unique experiment designed to understand nitrogen deposition on ecosystems. A new ozone manipulation area was added in 2015. Historic environmental data for Burnsmuir are available. The Cairngorms National Park is Britain’s largest (4,528 km²); 36% of the park is over 800 m,2% over 1000 m. It is home to a rich diversity of wildlife and plants; 49% is designated as a Natura site and 25% as Sites of Scientific Importance. The land is in a heterogeneous mix of public and private ownership; 18,000 people call the Park their home and ~1.4m people visit the Park every year.

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