Apatite and zircon fission-track data summary (Table S3)


This dataset summarizes the apatite fission-track (AFT) data for 24 samples and zircon fission-track (ZFT) data for 11 samples. Single-grain data for AFT and ZFT are presented in Table S4 and Table S5, respectively. AFT and ZFT data were acquired between 2020 and 2021 using the external detector and zeta-calibration techniques at the University of Tübingen, Germany.

a: Sample name with a=apatite or z=zirconb: Apatite fission-track (AFT) or zircon fission-track (ZFT)c: Number of grains dated for the sampled: Ns: number of spontaneous tracks, Ni: number of induced trackse: Mean uranium concentration of the sample with 1 standard deviation (1SD)f: Chi-squared probability (if >0.05, the sample passes the chi-squared test and grain ages are considered to be of the same kinetic population)g: Effective track density for dosimeter glass (with uranium concentration of 15 ppm for AFT and 50 ppm for ZFT) with 1 standard error (1SE)h: Number of tracks counted for 𝜌di: Zeta factor with 1 standard error (1SE) j: Mean sample Dpar (maximum diameter of fission-track etch figure parallel to the c-axis) with 1 standard deviation (1SD)

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