Bos t'Ename - Belgium

The Nature reserve Bos t’Ename is situated on the Belgian loess belt about 25 km south of Ghent. It has an area of 160 ha. 60 ha mixed deciduous ‘ancient forest’ forest, 40 ha restoration of woodpasture on former agricultural land, 35 ha regeneration of forest in a silt quary, 25 ha semi open cultural landscape (meadows, hedges,…). "Bos t'Ename" belongs to one of the classified lanscapes of Flanders The woodland where previously managed as coppice with standards. The history is exceptionally well studied. It is managed as multifunctional forest containing strict forest reserves an coppice with standards.

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Spatial Coverage (3.630W, 50.830S, 3.661E, 50.868N)