(Table 2) Ice rafted debris abundance and accumulation rate, sedimentation rate and dry bulk density of bottom sediments from the Sea of Okhotsk, supplement to: Leskov, V Yu; Gorbarenko, Sergey A (2003): Reconstruction of ice conditions in the Sea of Okhotsk during last 24000 years based on distribution of ice-rafting material. Tikhookeanskaya Geologiya (Pacific Geology), 22(4), 41-47


Oxygen isotope records, radiocarbon AMS data, carbonate and opal stratigraphy, sediment magnetic susceptibility, tephrachronology, and paleontological results were used to obtain detailed sediment stratigraphy and an age model for the studied cores. For studying sea-ice sedimentation an analysis of lithogenic grain number in >0.15 mm grain size fraction of bottom sediments was carried out. For quantitative estimation of intensity ice-rafting debris sedimentation number of IRD particles per sq cm per ka was calculated. Obtained results allowed to plot IRD AR distribution for the first oxygen isotope stage (0-12.5 14C ka, 14C) and for the second stage (12.5-24 14C ka). The first stage was subdivided into the latest deglaciation and the beginning of Holocene (6-12.5 14C ka) (transitive period), when the sea level was changing significantly, and the second part of Holocene (0-6 14C ka), when climate conditions and the sea level were similar to modern estimates. Data clearly show strong increase in ice formation in the glacial Sea of Okhotsk and its extent in the middle part of the sea. Average annual duration of ice coverage during glaciation was longer than that for interglaciation. However the sea ice cover was not continuous all the year round and disappeared in summer time except the far northwestern part of the sea.

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