Mikrocensus 1994, 4. quarter: Environmental Conditions, Environmental Behaviour


Questions on environmental conditions have already been posed in the Mikrozensus since 1970 every three years (in the course of the extended housing survey). Additionally, this survey asks questions on environmental behaviour. These questions (e.g. waste disposal) had only been posed once in the Mikrozensus in December 1988. However, this is only a slight repetition of that program, since several of the questions posed in 1988 are no longer useful due changes (e.g. enforcement of the packaging regulations on the 1st of October 1993). In connection with environmental behaviour there are also questions concerning intervieweesÂ’ attitude toward environmental problems. Some of the questions are on the value people put on good environmental conditions. These questions were included to gather information on the populations willingness to contribute to measures to prevent environmental damage and to improve the environmental situation.

Probability: Stratified: Disproportional

Face-to-face interview

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